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Startup Law

The startup law, also known as entrepreneurship law, has emerged through the merger of many branches of law, even though there is no law in our country. In general, startup law works primarily in conjunction with laws such as the commercial law, the law of obligations, industrial property law. In our country, although the law is still in the process of development for the enterprise, especially the package law service in which the company law and industrial property law are included.

In the Startup law, there are details such as formal studies before the initiative, protection against the law and protection of the project after the start of the initiative. While these are a legal process that is initiated to protect the individual's initiative, problems such as theft and reproduction of the initiative are eliminated. Although the Law of Startup contains many details and articles; the main purpose is to protect the phases of the initiative.

What are the Stages of Startup Law?

As in every legal process, startup law also has a certain stage and implementation period. The reason for this is to determine the legal process within the startup project, to choose legal methods and to protect, contract, company and investment stages.

Idea Protection

In the first stage of the Startup project, because of the emergence of the idea, it is aimed to protect the idea of the project legally. Otherwise, problems such as stealing and copying of the idea may occur, but it is not possible to steal the idea if entrepreneurship law is started. In the first phase of Startup law, patents, brands, models and ideas are registered and copyright is determined. The sound foundation of the project in this way is of utmost importance for the future of the project to be successful.

Contract Details

In the second stage, a contract is signed for the people who have an impact on the project, especially the shareholders and the shareholders. During this contract, startup law is activated in order to protect the rights of the project and to avoid any legal problems of the partners. Share agreements, confidentiality agreement, shareholders and pre-protocol agreements are securely protected.

Stage of Incorporation

When the third stage is reached, the project is becoming more serious and the stage of becoming a corporation is reached. In particular, startup law is used to ensure that there are no counter-cases in the process of incorporation and the full establishment of the company protocol. In this legal process, general assembly, board of directors, meeting and decision mechanism and obligations of the company are formed.

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