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Business law

It is in order to address the issues of work, worker, employer and to regulate any disputes that may arise in this regard. It is discussed in labor courts by the dispute under the Labor Law. The law of labor in our country is also known as the law numbered 1475. Business law in our country was first adopted on 25.08.1971. It was published in the official gazette on 01.9.1971 and entered into force.

Labor law is a set of mandatory rules to be complied with. Labor law must be complied with, which regulates the relations between the employer and the employer starting with a service contract in the official work place and in return for his / her work and with the communities in which they are affiliated (SSK, Employment Agency, trade unions, chambers, Labor Ministry, foundations, associations etc.). mandatory rules. Employees are divided into two as dependent employees and independent employees. Labor law deals only the worker from dependent workers and regulates the relationship with the employer. The civil servants in the group of dependent workers fall within the scope of the Civil Servants Law No. 657 of administrative law. Labor law is divided into two categories: individual labor law and collective labor law.

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